Starting up a business can be a tedious matter for most people. A number of considerations would have to taken into account e.g. the nature and scope of the business, the jurisdiction, terms under which shareholders participate in the venture, taxation and future plans of the enterprise. Our team can assist you in taking the first steps of a business startup and administer the company in compliance with laws of the relevant jurisdiction. Typically our services include the following:

Company formation and registration in most jurisdictions e.g. Hong Kong, Macau, the British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands and China

Filings of annual returns

Applying for Business Registration certificates

Preparation of shareholders’ and board minutes

Maintaining and making changes to the company’s statutory records

Providing cheque signatories to bank accounts

Recommending banks and opening of bank accounts

Liquidations and strike-off of companies

Applying for resident visas for expatriate staff

Company and Land Registry searches

Provision of nominee services

Provision of registered offices



If you want to find out more about the framework within which Hong Kong companies operate please refer to the following websites:

Companies’ Registry of HKSAR

The Land Registry of HKSAR

The Companies’ Ordinance

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