We understand that different industries have different characteristics, problems, challenges, needs and, therefore, require professionals who are knowledgeable about their business in order to solve their problems and assist their enterprise to grow. Over the years our professional team has acquired expertise in a wide range of industries.




Our clients have manufacturing facilities in Hong Kong, Macau, the Pearl River Delta and other parts of China. Their products include motor vehicle parts, shoes, refrigerators, specialized wireless transmitters, knitted fabrics, chemicals, high-precision optical lenses, high end furniture, food, dyed fabrics, high quality glass, power generators, Christmas decoration items and others. These products are made for the China, USA and European markets.


Property Development and Investment


The property sector is a vital part of Hong Kong’s economy. Our clients are involved in substantial property development projects both for sale and investment. Special expertise is required in accounting and tax for property companies.


Warehousing and Logistics


With the migration of the manufacturing sector from Hong Kong to China and improvements in communications and technologies in the past 20 years, the logistics and warehousing industry has become highly specialized. We have assisted our clients during their process of developing and operating purpose built warehouses.


Shipping and Engineering


Our clients in this sector are engaged in the chartering of container ships, design and manufacturing of train compartments and screen doors for MTR and KCR.


Leisure and Travel


We have served clients who operate ocean-going ships that provide travelers with lodging, catering, entertainment and casinos. We have also served travel agents who arrange airline and hotel bookings for corporate and retail clients.




Our clients in this sector are mainly engaged in the operation of fast food chain and traditional restaurants. These clients cover a diverse range of menus including Chinese, Japanese, Indian and Western foods. The accounting, internal control and corporate structures of this sector are unique. We can assist you to have the proper setup from inception of your operation so that your risk and operational problems are minimized.




Our clients in this sector include architects, surveyors, solicitors, doctors and models.


Property Management


We work with some of the major international property management companies to provide audit assurance services to a large number of buildings in Hong Kong.


Trading and Intellectual Properties


Trading has been and will continue to be an important sector of Hong Kong’s economy. We have many clients who trade in different kinds of products. We also have clients who own and grant trademarks, patents, and franchises to manufacturers and users. The tax structures of these industries are quite unique. We can assist you in setting up the right structure.


Each industry has its own characteristics and may call for expertise and special treatments in accounting, internal control, corporate structure, finance and tax. Please call us and we shall be glad to assist you.

If you want to find out more about the regulatory framework within which we carry out our work, please refer to the following websites:

The Hong Kong Society of Accountants:


The Hong Kong Stock Exchange


The Growth Enterprises Market


The Companies’ Ordinance


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